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My nephew’s wedding

My nephew's wedding

Although there wasn’t much I could do for him (he really doesn’t wear deb or wedding gowns), I did offer to do my nephew’s fiancee’s wedding gown and we had a blast.  It was not only a great way to get to know her, but also a […]

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I am NOT a Sewer

I do not need Draino, or to be unstopped.  I do not smell (thankyouverymuchladiesandgentlemen – unless of course I’m from Paris, and I smell delightful and have tours regularly!).  And most of all I am not attended to by men wearing un-intentional hipsters (usually viewed from the […]

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Soft Opening

According to Wikipedia (don’t we all use that thing!), “soft opening” is one without advance notice or very little publicity, so that a lot of the kinks can be sorted through.  Posting on a new format is going to require a learning curve and I’m bound not […]

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