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My nephew’s wedding

Although there wasn’t much I could do for him (he really doesn’t wear deb or wedding gowns), I did offer to do my nephew’s fiancee’s wedding gown and we had a blast.  It was not only a great way to get to know her, but also a great way to do something special for both of them.

We started out with some fairly simple ideas – basically that we wanted it to look like we took a big huge piece of silk and wrapped it around her and then tied it in back all in one swoop sort of look.  Course something that simple-looking is always the hardest to do, but we did it.  She was a doll to work with as she had this darling figure.

And the back….

The whole idea was to have it be just a little asymmetrical in back.  Also, you’ll note in this, that we actually did this a little differently in the dress, as it occurred to me that her father would be walking on her right, and we didn’t want the “tie” to get in the way of her father next to her, and we wanted it to show, so put it on the other side.  I also knew that the train and the tie sash were going to be asymmetrical which mean that the train on one side was going to be bigger in the dress and the tie sash on the other side would make up the balance of the train.

Funny how just the smallest details like that (the balance of the tie sash and the off-center tie) can make a huge difference in how the dress is constructed.

This is probably my favorite picture of the dress as it showed how flowing the dress was and also shows off the bow, that is not in conflict as the couple is seen from the back.

I darkened this just a little so that you can see the detail in the dress.  But the photographer did a great job of capturing the beauty of this dress.

A great shot of the back.  Our original idea was to take the long tie sash off at the reception and the bustle up the rest of the dress in a tiered sort of French bustle.  Here you can see the short and long sash of the tie.

I love this shot….the dress is just beautiful here.

Here we are to set off to the chapel after she’s all together.  I haven’t changed yet for the ceremony as this is when the bridal photographs are starting.  Anyone who’s done a wedding knows the photographer likes to start early with the bride.

One of the special touches of the bride’s gown is to put in my label (above) and then the dress is embroidered with the brides name and date of the wedding in blue.


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