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Soft Opening

According to Wikipedia (don’t we all use that thing!), “soft opening” is one without advance notice or very little publicity, so that a lot of the kinks can be sorted through.  Posting on a new format is going to require a learning curve and I’m bound not to make the same mistake I made on my former blog where things were posted in a helter-skelter manner so that even I couldn’t find them, much less any of my readers.

So this is my first post to test, with much more coming….spring shows are showing…awards season is in full bloom….and well styles, movie stars and just everyone is getting prettier and more to like (and post) coming on down the road.  Of course all of this will be with asides about how to get this look, why that look worked/works, what you want to look for, where the traps are and where they aren’t and then just some general good ole fashion sewing stuff just to make things fun.

So here we go….and above all enjoy!!!

  1. Hi Claire, Have been following you on F.B. and look forward to this.

  2. I’m glad you’re back and look forward to following you again.

  3. Thank you–I have missed you-my facebook is a mess

  4. I was wondering where you were!!! Sorry, I do not do Facebook! Looking forward to all that you have to say and..happy to see you back!

  5. OH!!! How wonderful that you have this again!!! Since I don’t do facebook, I have missed your blog & most of all the creativity that is contagious to all!! This is a joyful occasion! Welcome back!!

  6. Congratulations, Claire on your new blog. It looks wonderful. I might be your first follower!

  7. I’ve missed your inspirition

  8. Claire, I’m so glad that you are back. I’ve missed reading your blog and your wonderful tips and creative ideas!

  9. Like everyone else, Claire, I am glad to have you back! Your work, and your postings are a source of inspiration!

  10. Glad you are back Claire. You have been missed.

  11. Thanks you all – appreciate your comments, and look forward to many more and more organized site!

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