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After New York comes London

So now it’s London’s turn at the fall 2012 shows.

This came from Nowness and I absolutely love this style – it’s a short film – very artsy, on a “look” from the street but I’m really nuts about the look….long tailed blouse with vents up the side short shorts, hip length sweater (but a nice tailored jacket could work too).

One Minute: Quentin Jones on

Why is this so cool?…good?…standard?…classic?

I did up some quick sketches to show you what I mean.

OK – this is some sketching I did of the original in the  movie…..the sweater on the right is the original look, while the jacket on the left is my variation on this young gal.

OK – this is a little different look, but the same feel.  I’ve lengthened the jacket and kept the shirt the same length and of course lengthened the skirt.  And to me this makes a very appropriate garment for the office or even for evening dinner with friends.    What I did was lengthen it even for our more regularly shaped model – and yet kept the blouse about where it was.  The blouse over hang (or under hang) is still very evident, but just in proportion to the rest of the figure.

So hopefully these little videos won’t scare you nearly as much….or if they don’t scare you, you won’t turn them off thinking, “There’s no way,” cause often there is a way.  It’s all about proportion.


  1. Do you think the short skirt was an important part of this look or could it still look fab with pants….? What about jeans?

    • I think pants would look fabulous with this. I just kept the skirt short to show how to do this with as similar a look as what the model had – but yes, pants would be fabulous.

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