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From Westminster Kennel Dog Show

NOTE:  This was a short post I did on Facebook, however I’ve referred to it so many times with recent clients that I’m posting it here. 

Update on the garb from the Westminster Kennel show from last night. It’s almost as fun to watch the people as it is the dogs – although the dogs are fun – every last one of ’em!

But I do love watching the dresses, like for example Martha Stewart’s chow handler was wearing none other than Chanel pumps – I’m sure directed by MS herself. But to me the best judge (fanfare maestro) was Ms. Betty Regina Leininger from Frisco, TX and judging the working group.

I adored the way this dress moved and was so graceful at the same time functioned for the judge. She has to be able to bend down, examine all parts of the dog – no matter how big or small, stoop, bend over, walk fast and direct the handlers without getting caught in her dress and hopefully looking formal as this has become a very formal event for the judges (I’ve grown very fond of seeing what the lady judges will wear from year to year). But Ms. Leininger’s dress was fabulous….it had a very grand sashay factor and a sexy slit up the side front, but since it was covered with billowy chiffon, was demure enough to command the respect a judge should have during a juried show.

Here’s another shot of the Leininger gown that show the detail and how well it moved

But by far the coolest thing of all was the jacket that Mary Carillo wore…..I fell in love with it the first time I saw it last night (she didn’t have it on Monday night). It has a nice opening or slit in front, a very nice shape to it, and the best part, those ruched sleeves that look so natural. You know how I talk about how sometimes long sleeves can just be too much on a person and it’s Ok to make them 3/4, but this ruching technique is very attractive and very effective.

Here’s the funny part. I’m at a ladies luncheon today and across the table I hear Mary Carillo’s name and I’m riveted to the conversation like a magnet to metal….it just so happens that the lady across the table from me has sold the jacket to Ms. Carillo and it turns out to be a Doncaster. Doncaster is one of those firms that has beautifully made clothing that is a joy to alter – usually because the workmanship is so good and the seam allowances are actually seam allowances and not just 3 strands of threads as what I usually see in RTW. We started talking about the jacket and this gal explains all about it and how cool it is. She said that it comes in several different colors that she says are quite effective, although to be honest, I hardly know how it could get better than this beautiful basic black!!! And here’s the fun part – turns out she’s already a bud on FB, Patsy Homsey…she shows Doncaster which is just gorgeous stuff if you’ve never seen it!


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