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Oscar Highlights

What a great red carpet viewing.  Lots of pictures, cameras, live-streaming stuff that was fun to watch.  And most of the dresses were beautiful, as opposed to years past, where there have been more than the fair share of bad ugly dresses – just for press.

So what happened this year was a lot of surprises in the glam category – they were more glamorous than we thought they could be.

First was Gwyneth:

This was classic stunning and most folks agreed (most of the fashion commentators).  It’s not got a lot to it, but really fabulously classic and simple.  And although you think simple and classic is easy to do – it’s not.  That front jacket/coat closure has to hang straight, and about the only way I’ve found to do that successfully, especially on some really slinky fabrics, is by hand.  Tom Ford has been sort of out there circling the home run field, but he hit a solid one last night with this dress.

Well, yes this is a weird stance, but to me this is how the dress really shows what it is.  If she were to stand straight up, no slit, and this is part of what made this dress so stunning.  (I hope Donnatella paid her for that pose, cause Ms. Jolie absolutely made this dress for Versace!)

I’m not surprised this is McQueen (Sara Burton is really showing herself to be a talented designer).  The embroidery on this gown is to die for.  Not sure I see the $2mil in jewels, but the dress is fantastic.

I saw a close-up interview with Ms. Bejo and the detail work on this Elie Saab was fantastic.  The problem is that the delicate nature and design of the dress didn’t translate well on TV or probably on the red carpet.  The dress was perfect with her coloring and would have looked killer great up close – like at a ball where everyone you see is going to see you up close.  This illustrates the difference between red carpet/TV/stage/ and personal up close.  Having designed specifically for the later for 30 years, it’s a hard adjustment to make.  I still think the dress was spectacular even though it probably wasn’t appropriate for last night (because it wasn’t strong enough to translate through the TV tube!)

If you got it, flaunt it.  Zuhair Murad dressed her in this gorgeously striped dress.  This is pure glam.  None of us could wear this dress (or probably want to with it being so sheer), but ain’t it fun to watch the stars do this.  It’s also fun to see wonderful design come to life.  Love the stripes and the movements of the dress.

It’s great to design for beautiful figures, but for me the most fun is to design for fuller figures or problem figures.  I think the joy in their eyes is so much more meaningful cause they usually haven’t had the gorgeous styles that the thinner stars have had, hence Octavia Spencer as one of my favorites.  The stylist who worked with her did everything right (Octavia should hire her permanently!)  Again the movement of the bead lines works fabulous.  Your eye travels just exactly where it’s supposed to:  from her waist to make her look like she’s svelte and to her shoulders, to make her shoulders look broader, with the line on the skirt being more lengthwise than the lines on the bodice, to make her look longer.  The dress was also fitted so as not to overly accentuate Ms. Spencers bust line.  There is something that we can all take away from this dress that we can use in tops and dresses for ourselves.  This doesn’t need to be totally beaded, but even appliqued trim or embroidery or fabric print can accomplish what the design accomplished here.  (I’ll probably take this more apart in future posts because this is one of the more important dresses of the evening).

I wasn’t crazy about Mila Jovovich’s dress, Michele William’s dress or Rooney Mara’s dress as they were mentioned in some of the best dresses.  But then there’s a lot I don’t get – it’s just that these dresses weren’t all that bad, they just didn’t send me – too weird or funny element or one or two things that were wrong.

But Ms. Close’s dress was mentioned in the “bad” category – – Really?  Cum’on now.  This was really great.  It was cold there, and she wore this wonderful tuxedo-ish jacket with the glamorous train/fullness in back.  Like I said, I don’t get it cause I think this is stunning – but then Ms. Close works the dress beautifully.

And really, Ms. Streep just doesn’t like dressing up for these things, and so it’s an effort at best for her – and it shows.  This wasn’t the best look.  I thought she looked best at the BAFTA.

Maybe she has a thing about the Brits, but this is the best she looked all year.

But by far the worst for me was Kelly Osborne who was then commenting/critiquing other ladies’ gowns all night long (excuse me…!)

I’m sorry – lavender hair and turquoise beading doesn’t do it for me….red, titian-colored, black, bleach bottle blond, dishwater brown, dingy grey would all look better than lavender hair.


This is the fist glimpse at the gorgeous fashions – probably after a couple of days this will sink in anew and will certainly be back to take Ms. Spencer’s dress apart – it’s a font of valuable info!



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