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Oscars and Movies

February is all about leading up to the Oscars and TCM always does a bunch of Oscar movies during the month of February leading up to the Oscars at the end of February.  It’s a lot of fun and some noteworthy films coming up (at least as far as fashion) are:

Flying Down to Rio (1933)


This is fun if for no other reason that pure joy….made during the depression to lift folks’ spirits, it’s just pure folly, and so are the fashions – completely unpractical, but great for fantasy.  Click the pic for more information.  Tuesday, February 21 @ 09:45 PM (ET)


The Year of Living Dangerously (1982)


A really great look at the fashions of the 60’s.  While the US was going through Civil Rights and Sit Ins, Jakarta was having it’s own civil war.  This is sort of a “The Help” otherworldly look at the 60’s fashion.  Click the pic for more info.  Thursday, February 23 @ 01:00 AM (ET)



The Maltese Falcon (1941)


WWII hasn’t even started yet, when this movie was released – but still all the intrigue is there.  The fashions and the shoulder pads are not to be believed.  Look at the superb fit on all the ladies in this film.  It’s something that’s unheard of in today’s world.  Click the pic for info.  Saturday, February 25 @ 12:30 PM (ET)


Bullitt (1968)

Although Steve McQueen looks absolutely cooler than Cool Hand Luke, every article of clothing in this movie was hand picked by McQueen and worked and studied to achieve just the right look.  In the middle of riots and “Burn Baby Burn” and police were all pigs, here comes the most hunky of all actors portraying a cop – only with gobs of style.  This is a very important fashion movie.  Saturday, February 25 @ 04:00 PM (ET)


Now Voyager 1942

Probably one of the original “chick flicks” but fabulous for the fashion.  Bette Davis goes from ugly duckling to gorgeous sophisticate in less than 2 hours.  This absolutely couldn’t have been done without the costumes.  In case you think clothes don’t make the gal…watch this delightful movie.  Monday, February 27 @ 11:00 AM (ET)



To Catch A Thief (1955)

OMG – Movies at their best (as far as I’m concerned) one of my fav looks (Frances dons her “on the beach” look which is pretty spectacular).  Edith Head out did herself and so much history here.  Ms. Kelley met the Prince, fell in love and married him, and Cary Grant never looked more handsome – fashions on both looked out of this world, sophisticated and gorgeous.  Tuesday, February 28 @ 06:00 PM (ET)


The two musts here are Bullitt & To Catch A Thief, but Now Voyager is fabulous too….Enjoy and be ready to sketch some ideas!


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