A Good Explanation of Fashion Shows

This is a great little video from Christina Binkley with the Wall Street Journal, about fashion shows and the schedule, what they do, what happens after, and what happens to those dresses on the runway…it’s not long. (Sorry, there’s an ad at the first, but it’s worth it!)

Now, here’s my comment on that….you see something you REALLY like, but the store buyers don’t like it or for one reason or another it doesn’t sell (the price points are too high, the look doesn’t go with what the store wants to be marketing – a gazillion things), but you’re not at the mercy of the store buyers – you can literally take that design and be inspired to do your own design.  We sewists are not at the mercy store buyers, store clerks or for that matter designers – as we can do our own thing.

I’m doing that exact thing tomorrow with some neat stuff from Dries Van Noten’s Fall 2012 show.

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