New designers….

There’s a neat little article on some of the new designers coming up and who to watch.  I always love this cause it’s fun to see what new stuff is coming out of those fresh young minds.

First up:  Karen Walker

Wow – what fun ideas…the one on the left is a great cut on that jacket – it looks like it closes either with hooks or zip at the bust and then a loop button at the top, with a cute flippy skirt.

The one on the right has a peplum as a ruffle at the bottom, this is a great idea, but toned down (the ruffle  placed a little higher on the jacket can be very effective).  Skirt has a nice cute detail at the hem too.



This needs some more help, but I just love the fabric combinations here.  Remember your proportions cause if you want more attention on the upper part of your body, use light there; conversely if you want more attention to the bottom of your body, use light there.

Onward…the jacket needs more fitting, but I like the line and the idea here – this little ruffle/peplum is very fresh and new and very much in the fashion these days.  Then this beautiful brocade (which you can do in white or black – just as effective) is a really smashing combo of fabrics.  The 3/4 length on the sleeve is also a very nice touch.  This would even look good if the bottom were pants out of the brocade.
Lots and lots of meaty ideas in this outfit.

Then there’s Mathieu Mirano


Two great takes on a great idea – love the waist accentuation and love how it’s done on the left and right.  The jacket overlay just in line with the embellishment is a great detail – lots of ideas on the two styles.






Another great look on both these models.  Of course we might not make this as deep and plunging, but love the chiffon/organza idea.  The other thing is that this underlaying of chiffon and particularly if it’s organza, makes the dress immensely stable and therefore extremely comfortable.


Ok – more ideas from the runways to take home and think on a little bit.

  1. Lot of foil/metal looks seem to be happening.

  2. Thanks Claire! Love your commentary.

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