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Pinterest – FYI

Like everyone, I’m really excited about Pinterest, particularly since I think in pictures; talk, walk, sleep, feel, hear, smell and taste in pictures.

But there’s been some undercurrent lately about copyright and how that pertains to Pinterest.  I picked up this article and just started browsing through it, but have become much more concerned as I read through it.

Now, I’ve got to go through a 12-step program to get off Pinterest!!!  It’s going to be a while to wean myself from this, but unfortunately it looks like it’s not only prudent, but protective as well.

It’s too bad there’s such a confusing like between sharing and copyright infringement.

  1. Wow, that seems like it could be really scary!!! Is there a way share this with others?

  2. I read in another article that the content you pin becomes property of Pinterest- but you are liable for it. So they get to claim it as their property, even though you pin someone else’s work. If that person doesn’t want it pinned, they sue you- even though Pinterest claims it as theirs. Kinda makes me want to leave Pinterest as well. That’s a whole lot of bookmarking I’ve got to do! You could still look at Pinterest and bookmark the things you like instead of repinning.

    • Laura – the whole thing is just very fuzzy. I love the idea of Pinterest, but I also am sensitive about copyrighted material and sure don’t want to use something that I could get sued for. At the same time I love having my stuff shared – pictures and pictures of what I do, but it’s hard to steal my stuff so that’s not an issue – so far.

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