The Savvy Sage of Sewing Stimulation

Invisioning a Project

This can be one of the most valuable tools a sewist can have.  And I won’t lie to you, it comes with practice.  A lot of folks think it’s a gift, but it’s not.  It’s practice.

If you think Picasso fell out of his mama’s womb knowing how to envision his art, , then you are wrong, cause he didn’t.  He had to practice.  And that’s what this takes to see what your project will look like.

There are several things that have helped me along the way.  One of my favorites is a croquis.  Drawing one up for your project can really help with proportion.  But this can also help with putting the fabrics with the right project.

The next thing that helps is concentration on picturing what it would look like.  The first time is going to be hard, but if you practice this, it will become easier.  Also the more you sew up your projects, the better feel you will get about what’s right and what’s not.

Over on Sewing Plum’s blog, she talks about some ideas she uses to get her past a lot of her questions about the outcome of projects:

  • Colors and Fabrications
  • Good on your body shape
  • Personal style
  • Repeat successful patterns
  • Practice unfamiliar skills

These are all excellent suggestions and worth working with.

It’s important too that she says that even designers don’t expect themselves to get it right the first time and they’re professionals – then why should we expect this of ourselves.  We will have a few mistakes along the way and that just means that we’re doing something;  we’re making progress and working hard at accomplishing a project.  This is just as important as the successes we have.  The only time we run into trouble is if we try and do the same mistake over and over.  Hopefully we learn from our mistakes, and that’s why it’s very wise for you to make them not me or any teacher to tell you about them.

Most of all do not get discouraged.  All artists fail.  If they didn’t they wouldn’t develop or learn anything new.  It’s the human way and it’s how we learn.  I know, I’d rather just do it right the first time, but we seem not to be built that way, and admitting it and dealing with it is so much better than trying to fight it or deny it, and getting upset or even putting guilt trips on ourselves for doing it wrong.

More than likely you’re doing more right than you know. Which leads me to one more I would add to Sewing Plum’s list:  Don’t get discouraged and by all means don’t guilt yourself away from sewing.  Sometimes all you may need is a couple of hours or a good night’s sleep away from the project to come back to it and make a finished project.



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