Wrinkles – the bad kind

Sometimes wrinkles are good.  I like the wrinkles in my linen and long-staple cotton blouses.  It tells me that they’re really 100% natural.  But some wrinkles aren’t good.

These are just two examples, and although I’m sure most of you know this, it’s good to review. and to think about why they happen.  This helps you work through solutions for the wrinkles in a logical (dare I say it:  artistic?) way!

This is a great example of either a purposely ruched waist, or something is terribly wrong with the fitting.  If you don’t mean the waist to be ruched, then there’s some work to be done

Basically what’s going on here is not mystery. When fabric around the circumference of the body doesn’t fit, then there’s several things that happen, and if you picture this, it becomes very logical.

Ok think about fitting the top circular band over the bottom circular band (and no comments about what part of the body we’re trying to describe here – I’m trying to keep this as logical as possible!!!)  What do you think is going to happen.

The bottom part of the top piece is going to fit OK on the top of the bottom piece, but as the red arrows show, the top piece is only going to go so far and it won’t go any more.

Let’s try this with a variation:

This time, the upper part will most likely fit over the top of the lower part, but I bet you can tell what’s going to happen next if we push that upper part more over the lower part…..

The more we squish it down the more the upper part crunches up.  Why?  Because it simply can not fit around the wider part of the lower shape.

This is exactly what happens when you get those wrinkles through a smaller part of your body – usually your waist or just below your bust.  This is what those wrinkles are telling you – expand the space below or above me so I can fit around that shape.

When you get these wrinkles in the area of the waist or small part of your body, just release the seams or area just above or below, and you can then pinch out to fit.

This is why it’s a lot easier to make a garment just a tad larger so that you can pinch out the shape you need on your body or mannequin.

We are all different shapes and sizes.  That means that the slope or angle of wideness or narrowness is all different in each one of us.  There is no way to fit this except on the body.  Of course this is if you want to fit exactly to the body.  What we really want is to shape to the body and then add ease for different parts….the hips require more than the waist, which requires a little less than the bust but this too all depends upon personal preference.

But don’t let all this different-ness confuse or make this sound harder than it is.  It isn’t all that hard.  It’s really a matter of pinching out and by all means don’t let the wrinkles get you down.  Even the best fitters and shapers have wrinkly days.






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  1. Oh Goody another sewing blog to read and follow. I loved your version of the Hot Patterns Fisherman’s shirt and you looked very pretty in your casual outfit.

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