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Creativity Explained….well sorta

It’s really hard to describe the process of creativity, and even further to describe how you develop, hone or otherwise nurture it.  But there are some concrete steps.  Over on Facebook, this little image has been making the rounds and it goes a long way toward explaining, justifying, excusing and otherwise defining the creative process.  And you certainly don’t have to suffer from all the symptoms on this list, just a few will do:

But I wonder if this isn’t more a description of lively people;  people who are alive and living than creative – or is it that this is today what defines creativity – just being alive and living life.  There is such a preponderance of hum-drum life around us, that anyone who exhibits any sort of creativity is so out of the norm or thinks outside the envelope, that the very act of not living a life of boredom is classified and defined as creative.

I will freely admit that my whole approach to life, no matter if it’s something as everyday as housekeeping or as artistic as playing the piano, my life is filled with a creative approach – not so much that I have to do it different, sometimes it’s just that I have to do it better, and that in itself can cause creative thinking and existing to occur.

See, what I mean – talking about the creative nature is very abstract.  What brought all this up?  Viewing this little video was part of it.

Of course a poet would approach this from a very creative and abstract point of view, but I just liked this guy’s take on the creative process and where it comes from…really who knows.


The other little video that has stuck in my mind recently is this very short one, and listen carefully.  The words are economically chosen and before you know it the meat of the message has passed you by.  You might even like to watch it twice.

So why these two little videos?

It’s my inept way of trying to explain the creative process.

How different it is;  how rewarding it is;  how addictive;  how lively;  how worthwhile;  how hard (and therefore don’t give up nor think you’re doing something wrong); and most of all how beneficial it is.

Sometimes something – just one thing – different can really set a person on his/her tail; not only by the voice outside your head but as well by the voice inside your head.

That’s why it’s important to keep the little list at the top in mind because you’re going to hear things like:

  • What in the world are (or were) you thinking?
  • How can this possibly work?
  • How did I get into this mess and how can I get out?
  • Do I want to get out of this mess?
  • How come this keeps happening over and over again?
  • Why do these messes matter that much?….how come I’m so frustrated?

Well, and lots of other questions in that sort of thinking.  It’s normal to think and question like this, but it’s also VERY normal to feel this way when you’re creating.

Ok, so what’s the big deal about all this stuff and why in the world does it matter to those of us who sew?

Because if you have been sewing and have not asked yourself those questions, hon, I’m here to tell ya:  You ain’t been sewing!!!

We sewist run into all this stuff everyday.  This is just my long and round–about way of saying, that it’s normal and

  • don’t get too frustrated (although I know you are),
  • don’t get too bogged down by the problem cause there’s also a solution out there somewhere,
  • do remember that being creative means it’s a constant process.  By that I mean that you solve one problem, and you’ll find/invent another to solve, then another, then another, so that’s why it keeps happening to you.  It’s not because you aren’t learning stuff.  You’re learning it then going on down the road to learn another solution and another.  Remember that when you get stuck and don’t think you’re not progressing because you are.  A lot more than you think.
  • And don’t think that this is some sort of sicko psychosis/es that you have to repeat in order to meet some deep psychological problem over and over – that’s not what’s going on here (aren’t you relieved).  You’re just out there pursuing a different path, and as a result it may look like you’re weird, but in truth it’s everyone else who’s weird for not pursuing this path. (Now how about that for being psychologically balanced!!!!!)  OK, this is really a joke, but sorta not.  It’s the search and choosing to take a path of creativity that yes, is not the norm, but is also yes, what we as humans are truly meant to do to live a full and healthy life.
  • And please don’t get all hot and bothered about  these mattering.  That they matter just means that you care about the work you do and the caliber of that work, which is good, so relish in the fact that you care and that you’re bothered by the solution!

So what I really wanted to do here, was not only to encourage you to think differently, but also to nurture and encourage that different thinking so that there’s a safe space/place where you can create.

It’s when you are creating that you are at your very best.


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