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The V & A as a resource

While researching the previous blog on the LBD (part gazillion an a half), I stopped on the Victoria and Albert Museum site and it was so full of resources, I couldn’t resist.  The museum was set up as a resource for designers and artisans.  Now talk about a fabulous idea.  The museum started out as the Great Exhibition of mostly applied science and arts…applied – don’t you love that word!  IOW, to me that means the practical side – and I love the theoretical and ethereal side, but the practical side is really the meat of what we sewists like!

That means, this museum has a bunch of stuff that can inspire, jump-start and otherwise jolt our creative juices by looking at what others have done, used and garnered from.  The past has and will always be a fabulous resource of inspiration for new ideas/designs for the future.


If you’re in a funk and not sure what sort of creative oomph you need, (and excuse me but what artist isn’t!!!) or you just need something…this is a great place to peruse through and get some well-needed inspiration!  Check out this  fabulous resource for archived fashion exhibits, and then here are some other fashion exhibitions now!

Here are some fabulous places to start at this overwhelming resource (one of the largest in the world)

Fashion – yummy – I know going through this may take a while, but such is life!!!!

Couture – Good couture NEVER goes out of style and there’s always some inspiration to be gleaned from perusing through this!  Need just some basic history as to exactly what couture is?….need some inspiration?…need some ideas?…this is the place to browse.

20th Century Fashion – For some look at very innovative, fabrics, construction, design, graphics, whatever, this has a plethora of ideas.

Ballgowns  – the very word didn’t even need a click from my mouse, I was on this like FAST – this is an current exhibit, but even if you can’t make London for the exhibit – and if you can lucky for you – you can go through their site and get some great ideas.  More and more museums are doing this, tapping into that internet market out there that can’t make it to the local city to check out the show in person.  But if you can make the show, the internet is just a short cut to the actual show.

Hollywood Costumes – Although you may think this is a bunch of malarkey, who can forget the connotation of a pair of red shoes or the effect of a Spiderman costume (and how in the world do you make that thing anyway!!!)  Although this is a future exhibit, it’s fun to watch out for.

Blogs – and if you really want to follow the goings on in the innards of the museum, you can follow some of these blogs.

Oh dear – videos…talk about resources….Wicked costumes, Fashion in Motion: Jean Paul Gaultier (hit the menu on the upper right for way more vids), Fashion in Motion: Alexander McQueen,  and here‘s the general link for videos and audios which you will love spending time perusing.

Ok – now that I’ve ruined your time budget – so sorry – but you’ll have lots of ideas to play around with!

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