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Update on feeds, news and other stuff

I peruse through the regular and new feeds, news and other goings on and sometimes, there are a collection of small items rather than just one big one, so here’s the latest in styles and fashion.

Here’s some flighty little sites that show fashion – this is more as background than anything else.  When you get bored, move on, and there won’t be any great loss to your life – just sort of interesting to land on these sites to keep track of fashion (and of course to get an idea or two!)

The Style Scrapbook

How to print your own shoes – yep, sounds like science fiction, but it’s just around the corner…imagine buying something online and not have to wait till it’s delivered – pretty neat!

Mimi G Style – this gal has got lots of style, and worth watching.  You can glean a gob of ideas from this cool little gal!

Glitter n Glue – and so toward that more DYI end, here are some excellent ideas for some projects that look fairly easy for the look they give.

And then finally some cute little vids:

Louboutin Nails?….what in the world could that be?


And finally the pièce de résistance:  How to wear an Hawaiian shirt (and not look like your grandfather), who should wear them, and of course this pertains to when you’re making them what to make them out of and anything else to update this look.

I adore this idea cause what guy doesn’t love these shirts….and if you have a “full figured” guy you’re sewing for, just make the shirt a little fuller….if you’ve got the abs-of-steel guy you’re sewing for, taper-it-in baby and watch ’em shine!!!

As another aside (yes it’s Spoonflower again – and check out this tut on their site for a great way to commemorate your summer vacation!), this is a GREAT source of Hawaiian shirt print ideas and all the things they talked about in the vid above….one of my person favs is one I made up for my sweetie, click here, but peruse through the site and get some ideas of your own.

And of course one last thing, I can’t resist. I know these shirts don’t match in front – none of them do and these are the expensive high-end, designer shirts, but make your shirt match – it’s so couture and looks so much better.  Actually, I’m horrified that you would pay as much as $500 for a shirt that doesn’t match in front.  Here‘s a slide show of the styles (thru history and more modern)

Ok – that’s all from the newswires so far… enjoy and get some ideas.

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