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What’s the secret to Design School?

What's the secret to Design School?

…..or other schools for that matter.  What do they learn there that we can’t, haven’t, didn’t learn on our own or in school too? It’s not so much what as it is the time. I’m a diver.  As a matter of fact, I’m a master diver which […]

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What’s up with these headlines?

In the last days, these articles have just come up, which I find very interesting.  Not that we creative types haven’t seen this coming, but it’s finally being recognized! (Click the photos for the whole story).  And they are all from the US.  I often find these […]

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OK Back to my obsession du season!

I’m not forgetting where we are here on this Chanel obsession….next I wanted to talk a little about fabric. The big deep secret  about the Chanel jacket and what makes it so coveted is that from the second you put it on, it feels like a great […]

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Can I brag?

I have the best clients, but what gets to be so fun is when I have great clients AND a really great job. That’s what this was and was so much fun!!! This was a gown first worn by the bride’s maternal grandmother and with a veil […]

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When we last left Claire…

…she was still swooning over the Fall Chanel 2012 Couture show – it was sooooo classic (or as Karl like to say: “The vintage of tomorrow!”). And although there are some funky parts to this (we can’t have it too classic) the main body of the garment […]

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Chanel, Couture 2012

Couture means seam literally in French, and Haute Couture means high seam, or very high-end clothing that is exclusively made for the client.  The shows are in Paris, and there are only a handful of designers who still show Haute Couture, as most show in Ready-to-Wear, but […]

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Overdressed – the book

Overdressed - the book

If you’ve been here for a while, you know that I’m an advocate of “investment dressing”, although I’m not sure that’s a good title.  What I really like is a closet full of clothes that I use so that when I open the closet door…..this is what […]

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Fashion in Museum Art Shows

Have you noticed the recent trend toward more fashion designers in museums?  Ever since the hugely successful Alexander McQueen show, museums have discovered a new market and for the first time the rest of us get a gander at these garments that were once only the purview […]

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Bond, James Bond!

For almost everyone, that brings up visions of style to the nth degree.  This year celebrates Bond’s 50 anniversary as the ultimate British secret agent with license to kill!!!  This has been such a fabulous extravaganza of male tailoring it’s fun to peruse through it and look […]

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