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Can I brag?

I have the best clients, but what gets to be so fun is when I have great clients AND a really great job.

That’s what this was and was so much fun!!!

This was a gown first worn by the bride’s maternal grandmother and with a veil that was worn by the bride’s paternal great grandmother!  That’s really great usage for a gown, but more than that, it was beautifully made and a pleasure to work with.  Almost everything had to be done by hand as the dress had been through two wearings and storage and cleaning, and we weren’t sure just how much more could be done with it.  This is a case of being more careful than not.  Maybe I could have gotten away with machine work, but the truth is that I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to take the chance.   The lace was so delicate and so much of the netting was frayed, I couldn’t take a chance.

Which is a good note – if you’re doing something for yourself that’s special (MOB/MOG mother of bride/groom) or other special event, this is not a time to experiment.  This is a time to use what you know works!

One of the extra features I like to do especially on heirloom veils is a small thread cord loop on the upper part of the veil.  This helps keep the veil in place especially when it’s windy, but more importantly when the bride is going down the isle the veil is just where is should be, not in front of her face, but on her shoulders so that the pattern of the veil can be seen.

BTW the veil trim here was all done in one piece and worked into the design from one length of Belgium lace – something that would have taken foooooreeeever today (done by hand – you can’t do this by machine), and would have cost a fortune.

Here’s the complete article in the Mood section of the Oklahoman (click on the graphic below)


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