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Anna Wintour’s slideshow


For whatever you may think of Anna Wintour, she does know her stuff, and she’s managed, albeit not the way I would have picked, to keep Vogue Magazine the top fashion magazine. And although she can be controversial (maybe this is the way she keeps her edge on), she’s been adamant about not having the magazine in a virtual or online subscription.  But here’s here her story via photos from Vogue Magazine.




Here‘s her list.

So when an article comes out as Wintour’s favroites, it piques my curioisty.  I agree with some, but love others.

This, to me, is a take off of the old master of art – the arrangement of the elements of the painting to make for good balance, center of focus, movement and just good composition.  It also reeks of couture, something I will always love, especially this older couture style.

Now this is really couture – lots of draping and lots and lots of fabric – total extravagance.  I loved these sorts of dresses.

And I will never, never, never, never give up, like this guy!  Always loved Churchill and loved his quotes even better.

It’s the couture that really appeals to me.  It’s the most excellent of the most excellent, but with style, beauty and a certain amount of haughtiness.

Clothes do make the person and when you wear an excellently crafted and assembled garment with style and grace, it shows it how you walk, stand, act and even when you glance at yourself in the mirror and say, “Dang!  I look really good!”


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