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Congratulations Belinda!!!

How cool is this…on page 9 of the new Vogue Patterns is our very own Belinda.  I met her when she took a tailoring class and then a Chanel Jacket class.

Belinda's on the right

She is an accomplished sewists and her work is beautiful.  She is also an accomplished heirloom sewists, so last spring we taught a lingerie class together. What’s hard to see in the picture is the beautiful embroidery design she did.  These are supposed to be just “swishes” (or if you’re into Nike, “swashes”), however the way the machine sews them up, it divides the thicker end of the swish/swash in half, making it look like there’s a hole in the end – exactly like a needle.  That’s what I thought it was – a beautifully artfully arranged embroidery of sewing needles.  It’s very, very effective.  In the magazine you can see it better or better yet, trek over to her blog and check it out!

BTW, Belinda doesn’t usually have this serious a look all the time – actually she’s quite easy to get on with!!!


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