The Savvy Sage of Sewing Stimulation

Mary Katrantzou

Katrantzou – either that’s a new dance or a massive tongue-twister!  Whatever, this young designer is really making a name for herself and really fast.


She’s actually cute and has such a playful way about herself.  She just seems very appealing, in that she appears to be doing exactly what she wants to being doing and has a wonderful glint in her eye!!!
She’s hitting all the right marks here:

This is her pretty take on dresses.

Here’s her peplum take.

Her take on ruffles – and this walks beautifully.

And more ruffles.

As well as her construction techniques.  I could go on about the technical ability to put all her prints in just the right place, and matching them in just the right way, but these pictures say way more than I could

And yet more ruffles – around the neck.

And still another take on ruffles with pleats.  This really shows the construction and artistic detail that immediately indicates couture.  Why?  Look at the pleating and not only the technical creativity in the swirl pleating design, but how she finished it at the bottom with the “flip” of a ruffle – all in proportion,  all looking pulled together in a very different yet creative way.

There’s a lot to take in here.  Granted directly from the runway to the street is a bit much, especially when you’re trying to conduct business in a professional manner, but that doesn’t mean we can take something away – the ruffles, the prints, the pleating – all very interesting.  Hope these cause you to think outside your normal ideas!!!


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