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This is my idea of couture

Couture has sort of lost it’s panache and style these last decades or so, but it’s coming back with a vengeance lately, and some from Paris, but amazingly enough a lot from London.  Alexander McQueen was a master at the artful dress, Stella McCartney is making her own way, and Sarah Burton is taking over where McQueen left off, however it’s hard to beat a real genius.  But I love this stuff from Mary Katrantzou (which sounds like she’s from Katmandu!!!!)  Although the silhouettes are fun, it’s the prints to really watch (and what she’s known for.)

This is exactly what couture should be:  creative, hard to mimic or copy, filled with excruciatingly difficult detail and at the same time new and yet pretty.   This Katrantzou seems to do all of this with a great style and making it look easy, which is a great sign of a great artist.  Hopefully she can progress without having to think that she has to out-do herself every season, which is a huge burden “made” artists and designers live under.

Above, I love the ruffle above, and just looking at the ruffle only, it reeks of couture:  the print, how it folds and unfolds within the ruffle, no matter which way the ruffle lays, which lays just right meaning it’s all been manipulated beautifully without looking like it’s been manipulated.  Then the working of the rest of the print in the dress is equally gifted.

Again another brilliant look – great lines and shape in the dress, and although the print is very dramatic and large and eye-popping, the beautiful detailing it works….as only an artist can make it work.  Love the big designs at the hip, with the small staggered at the waist (making the waist look smaller),  then the neckline feature bringing the attention around the neckline.

This is the beginning of the 2012 Couture Collection and really a knock out.  Great silhouette, great colors used effectively to bring attention to the small waist and great shoulders (course I have always loved a framed face like this with that tailored collar).

Here’s a great example of a multitude of prints that work.  Artists figure out this puzzle everyday.  That’s why it ‘s so much fun to study the really bright and gifted ones.

And in case you’re thinking about running out and getting one, here‘s the latest collection or the best you can get online.  So study up.  It’s well worth it.  This artist knows what’s she’s doing and will be fun to watch.



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