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Be a Fashion Designer?…..huh?

This morning’s list of headlines brings something interesting to light.  Oscar de la Renta, who by any standard is a great designer, as well as a revered one, bemoans the entrance of “celebrity” designers into the clothing biz.

I agree.

Just because you hit a tennis ball, or need the next attention-getter du jour, doesn’t make you a designer.  In my latest newsletter I did a bit on Mary Katranzou and her new couture look.  It’s so dramatic and couture, and I explain why.  But many of the designers who show on the runways of the major cities, actually do know what they are doing.  They may appear crazy at first, but honestly, they know what they are doing, and their creations to have and make sense.  This is particularly true for the standards – Armani, Oscar, Karl, even the younger ones,

Dries Van Noten,

Raf Simons,(my new sweet thrill – and no I’m not leaving Walt!!!)

Stella McCartney

now what they are doing.

This the reason it’s so instructive for us to follow these designers.  The flash-in-the-pan celebrity designers are great for marketing, but we’re beyond that.  We’re really looking for meaty and definite design inspiration, and one place we’re sure not to find it is in celebrity designers.

When my grandmother would see some newfangled thing that she was just positive was of no good, but she was raised not to say anything bad, and when asked what she thought of it, she would say:  “It’s a novelty!”

I have to say, I’m thinking the same thing about celeb designers:  It’s a novelty!!!


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