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Peplums are hot.  They’re everywhere.

A quick search on Google Images brings up this:


Or even this:

In September’s newsletter I show you how to take your TNT jacket pattern and make a peplum for it.  There’s all sorts of tweaks and design ideas to go along with it.  There’s also a bonus with the newsletter this month.

This is a fun whimsical fashion nod, and will probably last for a while (at least 2 years), so making it now not only makes you ahead of the curve, but also puts you in fashion for at least 2 years.  On a classic jacket, the peplum just becomes a classic look.

Peplums are one of those features that wanes and waxes a little but they are not so dramatic that they look awful and dated like an exaggerated hem length (something really high or really low).  Peplums are more like a moderate hem length, and particularly when they are on a classic jacket top and not an exaggerated style.


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