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Aren’t we lucky?

You know we women really are.  I read this article and thought – how dull it is to dress like a businessman?  (Although they can ad a little life to their wardrobe when they want, and this was NOT the place to experiment – bringing up another point).

But in particular when you’re in a business-like format (and both these guys sure are – they are “interviewing” at the highest level for a job), then, yes, clothing can be very boring, but it has to be.

This is a lesson for all of us – if you’re in the professional field and you want folks to pay attention to you, then you MUST wear very conservative and classic clothes.  If you don’t you risk the alternative of not being taken seriously or being distracted by  your clothes.

Fortunately we women have a little leeway in this and we can actually be a little more daring than the choice between a red or blue tie.  And we can really be a lot more daring (and still be considered professional), when we sew!

Aren’t we the lucky ones.

Even clothes like this can be considered very professional, yet they are anything but dull and boring:

I know these look a little flamboyant, but they are very professional looking and you WILL be taken very seriously in outfits like this.

And this wonderful piece is beautiful, and very classic, professional, but a guy can’t do something like this – only we gals can!


The other thing to learn from the clothing of the debate night is this is NOT a time to experiment – it’s a time to wear what’s tried and true! (TNT)

This is exactly the same philosophy I follow with my debs & brides, but it follows in daily practice too.  If you’re making a presentation or you have to look very professional, or you are in a situation in which you need to be heeded or otherwise in a position of authority, don’t experiment with your style.  Stick to something classic and that you’ve had success with in the past.

Don’t know what that is?

Haven’t really had to do something like that in the past, then stay classic and conservative.  This is NOT a time to experiment with a new look.  If you’re having a day of daily duties, without a special presentation (where you are the presenter), then do something a little off the wall.  The point here is that when it’s something special – don’t go out on a limb.

It may look a little boring at first, but not only are you going to feel more comfortable, you’re also going to look better.

So make sure you look professional when you need to (conservative & classic), and when you want to add flare to your wardrobe, remember we women can and still look respectable, professional and legitimate and have that extra flare!

Clothing really does make the difference.

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