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Classes for October

Every time you go to the store or you look through a fashion magazine, do you wish you could sew some of the things you see?

How many times do you find the perfect pattern in the book, and dismiss it because you think it’s too difficult?

Even though this is the season of Halloween, you do NOT need HORROR in your sewing.  Come join me for any of my classes to answer your questions about on how to get to the point of fearless sewing, and what to do next after you get to fearless sewing.

My current class is titled Peplums – they are hot now and I’ll show you how to add one to your favorite pattern, and/or help you design one for your size, shape and style.  They are gorgeous when they are done right and they are a nightmare when they are out of proportion.

Here is one I did that I took from a picture out of Bazaar last March,

Celine from Bazaar March 2012

I drafted this from a basic Burda shell and made it for what I wanted (the top includes a great design in the back to match the one in the front.  It’s easy and loose to wear for summer, but peplums are good for all year round.

Here are some examples for fall:



From the House of Lanvin – this classic style.  And yes, there are some problems to work through, but for a straight up and down figure, this sort of style works wonders at helping you have a waistline – really it does!







Wow!  Now this is what couture is all about.  Yes this is complicated, but once you break down all the design elements,  (there are godets galore in this jacket), it becomes not only doable, but you can understand exactly what the designer was trying to do.  Additionally, you can take this apart and add and subtract where you want to help you make this more proportional to you.








Simple, classic and yet so refined and so gorgeous.  This is exactly the sort of style that will last for 10+ years in your closet, and you enjoying wearing it every time.  The skirt might need a little tapering down, but this is a great style to inspire a gorgeous dress for your closet.







Say you’re retired and looking for something less professional or formal – here’s just the look.  Refined, and yet very casual and elegant.  With some dripping earrings, it’s out to dinner, with a funky necklace and don’t discount some shorts here which would be an fabulous poolside casual look!



But you say,

“Claire, that’s great, but I’m not into peplums now – I need something more basic!” or

“I need something different!”

That’s GREAT!  I always have open curriculum in my classes, so if you want to do a pants pattern, a mannequin a Little Black Dress, or jacket or whatever you want – bring it to class and we will do what you want to do (which is more fun anyway!!!

Call the store (405.840.8911) to sign up for my upcoming class Oct 18th & 19th – classes are from 10 to 4 (usually we go longer) and we have great fun and most of all:

You get to learn what YOU want in dressmaking!


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