The Savvy Sage of Sewing Stimulation

Prabal Gurung

This young designer from Nepal is garnering all sorts of accolades by all the right people – IOW, lots of really important folks are wearing his garments.


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But what I like about this is a return to more normal and more wearable clothes.  For way too long designers have been wanting to garner more attention on the runway and from the fashion press for sending models down the runway half dressed.  This is totally unrealistic and not anything appropriate.

First, these garments are very expensive, and what doyene or other wealthy person is going to wear clothes that you can see right through.  The designers all say – – well, you’re not supposed to wear it that way – – OK, then why don’t you show it the way you’re supposed to wear it.  It’s like having them wear their underwear down the runway and then saying, well you’re supposed to wear my clothes over the underwear!!!

Reeks of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and I’ve always thought this is something that you have to be wary of when looking at designers, particularly those that want to send their clients out in sheer clothes.

Could it be the reason Mr. Gurung is so popular is because he does design appropriate and beautiful clothes that are wearable?

Hmmmmmm, what a novel concept!!!


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