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The Row

….is the name of Mark-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s line of clothes.  They’ve now been in the biz about 10 years, and you could say that not only are they still around, but they are making a success of the fashion biz.  It’s almost everyday you get a new headline of this or that star getting into the fashion business, so it’s almost like a blah moment when another one shows up.

But it’s something entirely different when they are a success.

And their success, I think, is directly a result of their interpretation of classicism for a modern generation.  Wow!  That got my attention!

I had to darken this up a bit but you can see the detail in this piece.  OK – maybe the sleeves are a little much, but this is a great look.  I’d shorten the skirt and thin up those sleeves, and wow!  What a look  – oh yeah, and we’re using a camisole under the sheer bib!!!

Another ensemble, and if you are the size of Mary-Kate & Ashley (thinner than a long drink of water), this is OK proportions – for we real folks, it’s not – you’ll have to correct it.  That means bring the skirt up to street length and reshape the jacket a little, but again another updated classic look.

Holy Smokes!  I thought this was fabulous (without the sheer blouse, thankyouverymuch!)  But if you’re retired and want a fabulous look that’s easy, comfy and yet elegant and makes you feel like a million dollars – this is it!  Again a little proportional correction is in order – reshape jacket a little, may need to shorten, and the inseam height looks pretty low – should be raised, but the idea of keeping it looser and easier would be fabulous.  This would be so terribly yummy in a fabulous silk dupioni that’s been washed in Synthropol in a classic-ish type color, unless you really want to show a flare, and then (since you’re retired) do anything in your color palette!

I just adore finding new designers (or old ones) who have really stuck to the classics – they really do find a way of modernizing the classic style.  And it shows.  The Row (the line of clothes for Mary Kate & Ashley), is profitable and successful and carried at lots of stores like Barney’s, Bergdorf’s, Neiman Marcus and Net-a-Porter.  Check them out and get some ideas for yourself!




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