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What Not to Wear

Sometimes it’s just as helpful to see what not to wear as it is to see what to wear and why.

Here’s some ideas of what I’m talking about

Both of these (above and below) have the same problem – they are sloppy and too loose around the middle and particularly around the bust.  I know I’ve been talking a lot lately about keeping it “contained” around the bust, and this is the antithesis of that.  This is a look to make you look dowdy, old and truthfully reminds me of the chiffon dresses that my granny would wear (and that’s back in the 50’s!)

I think the Queen Mother (mother to current Queen Elizabeth) would have looked great in these tops, but not us!!!  BTW, the QM was a beautiful and wonderful person – this was the mother of the current queen and was played by Helena Bonham Carter in The King’s Speech and you had to do nothing but admire her.  This is not a slam at the QM, but just that styles have changed (thank heavens!)

OK – so now we won’t be making those kinds of tops – here’s another no-no!

This has a couple of things (or more) wrong…first, please don’t wear pants this tight – this is not a good fit, no matter how often you see it on the street or catalogue or wherever.  The problem here is that pants have been so infiltrated with stretch, that we no longer know what’s a good fit, but skin tight with “smile” wrinkles around the upper inseam, does not mean this is a good fit.

Additionally, this is a most difficult length to wear with there’s not fit or accentuation through the bust or waist area. (there’s none here – it’s just straight).

Thirdly, see how the pants move in from the hip (the part on the side that sticks out the most), really dramatically?  Well, don’t do that either.

OK look at the difference here when we make that line from her hip to the floor a lot more gentle – IOW I took this line and did not angle it so severely from the largest or most protruding point of the hip to the floor.  She actually looks like her hips are thinner, except for that terrible wrinkle at the stomach.  But you get the point here.

OMG – NO!!!!  PLEASE!  There are so many things wrong with this.

I lightened this up so you can see the detail:  a knot (or extra thickness) on the stomach – no…..a fluffy ruffle right at the “muffin top” line – NO…..pants flaring at the legs way wider than they should be (really I don’t like this to extend past the hips- but this could be an ok look if the next comment wasn’t so bad)…..the hem is way too log – ABSOLUTELY NO!!  This whole thing is so out of proportion that there’s no making it better.  On this thin, stick-legged person it looks bad, how’s this going to look on the rest of us.

One last simple one:

I don’t care how perky your breasts are, how thin you think you are, or how pretty you think this is – do not wear sheer over a bra or a bra-looking thing.  It’s fine over a nice camisole, but certainly not bare.  Let me give you a little secret that movie-makers have known for years.  What you can’t see is far sexier than what you can see.  What horror film makers love to do is get the “reaction shot” not the actual perp – that’s why the classic shower scene in Psycho is so horrifying – we don’t see Norman about to knife Janet Leigh, we just see Janet Leigh screaming and screaming and then the blood – if you wear a nude camisole under this blouse it will cause more furor than wearing nothing.  Folks look close and think: “Is she or isn’t she wearing anything under?….How can you tell?”  All that, while you go whisking by not having to worry if your girls are showing!!!


OK – these are just a couple of examples of things I do not want to see you all wearing or even attempting to make – sloppy, too-tight/ill-fitting garments, out-of proportion and leaving nothing to the imagination – give your friends and family a little credit  – let them wonder about what’s under your clothes, not make it a show all event.



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