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Best dressed of the Week – (a la Vogue)

Usually I don’t pay much attention to this stuff because mostly it’s so off-the-wall and so un-pertainable to regular folks lifestyles, that it’s really not worth a look.

But not so these days.  We actually have pretty and really beautiful clothing worn and shown.  This article makes my point how we’re moving to a prettier style in clothing.

See what I mean – the whole outfit is cute – darling shoes (a little high for we more mature folks, but there are styles out there that would work here), and really cute inserts.  There’s lots to take away from this style – for one, look at the detail in not only the insets but the angle of the insets (they match beautifully and what a wonderful detail – in a downward “V” chevron design – remember these designers – the good ones – know what they’re doing and they’re playing movement tricks with the eyes to make you look slimmer or have a waist [shaplier]).  The cute little flare at the hem and even the non-even-ness of the hem is all very darling.  We as sewists can take or leave some of these details but what’s fun is to look at all this as an idea farm!

And here’s another great idea – how about the LBD (Little Black Dress) with the statement necklace all in one.   You don’t have to do thisexact thing here, but the whole idea of doing a statement or showy piece around the face and collar to tailor to your style, shape and size is very appealing.  Say you have a short thick neck, well, make the collar out a little from the neck and make the neck piece (ruffle, stand-up collar or whatever) a little shorter.  Folks I here to tell ya, this is a classic look that will be a blast to make up AND last for decades in your wardrobe.

Well, you know how I feel about Mary Katrantzou and I’m getting so I can spot them a mile off.  Which is an interesting point to make about these prints:  They are getting recognizable, just as much as a Pucci print or a Missoni print.  Here Katrantzou does a simple yet elegant styled dress to show off her prints.

And here’s the bane of every regularly-shaped woman alive, Kate Moss showing that you don’t have to dress up to have style.  Here’s a lesson for all you retirees out there:  You don’t have to run around in sloppy clothes that are baggie-sized to be comfy. You can have some style here and STILL be comfortable.  But what’s really cool to take away from this look of Ms. Moss’s is that she’s got solid black and this wild print (in this case animal) as her accent piece.  This has always been a classic look (OK the tee-shirt is probably not all black, but we’ll forgive Ms. Moss for this one failing!!! 😉 )  The point is that you can have some basic black base, and then add that one smashing piece and you have a fabulous look – and one that works over and over and over and it’s not a sloppy, over-sized look!


Every month I send out 2 free mini-newsletters on fashion and style showing the latest looks from the runway and how to use them and make them up for your wardrobe.  This includes listing of patterns and fabric suggestions as well as any adjustments and suggestions for editing the look to achieve what you want and need for your closet.  If you’re interested, go to the home page to sign up.  These are real, sewing-ready ideas to start on now – you don’t have to wait for the clothes to show up in stores or for any thing else (except the time it takes to get the fabric to your home!!!).

There are also variations on the pattern suggestions to help you think outside the box.  If there’s one thing I want my readers to get used to, it’s being creative and thinking outside the box, but not so much that you can’t go out the front door!!!!  This is a little like having your own wardrobe consultant – like being a movie star with a stylist.

I want to be your sewing stylist!



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