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This is how I like to use inspiration.

And then I saw this little close up –

I found both of these in the Paris Vogue edition, but in the domestic mags this is what I found for Dolce & Gabbana for fall 2012

Now, I know that I live in the center part of the country, and although I’ve made a good living dressing debs, brides and formal wear, I’m also real clear about where I live and what society dress and the level of formality for clothes is like here.  This is NOT the court of St. James,  (read Jane Austin for being “outed”).    So that means there’s a certain level of ornamentation here and anything over that is over-kill and looks horribly out of place.  That’s just the lay of the land.

So to do something as beautifully ornamented as the Paris Vogue version would be basically an exercise in beauty with no function.  And since I really do like to do functional as well as beautiful garments, I’m going to dress this down a bit.

But this jacket is really pretty and I wanted to do something similar, but still practical.

So a great place to start is with a great classic pattern:

Burda from the October 2012, #124 – but in the magazine is also the collarless version.  The catch is that this is a swing jacket, but that is the ONLY thing that I really didn’t like about this pattern (including the optionally collar with wonderful collar band which I think is a great addition).

Next is fabric, from my local fabric store, silk matka which is a less refined silk, which makes this jacket a bit less formal, the look I’m after.  Silk matka also makes a nice contrast in texture between the shine of the embroidery and the dullness of the background.

Next is the embroidery – from berninadesignstudio with some great designs

And with a little manipulation – my own interpretation of this beautiful jacket.

And you say – “Well, Claire this isn’t an exact copy?”  And I say, yes, you’re right – it was inspired by the jacket from Paris Vogue, but I really didn’t want to nor could I copy the original.  Why?  Because as mentioned before, fancy dress-up in my city is not on the same caliber as Europe or huge metro areas like New York or Los Angeles or even Houston.   It’s just not – and that’s the truth.  However a jacket that is inspired by the great designers, can and does look totally appropriate here and for me.

This is for my Holiday Sewing class November 26th & 27th.  Holiday sewing doesn’t have to take forever and it doesn’t have to be hard, but with some thought you can have a lot of look for not much effort.

The jacket is at Bernina of OKC on north May and feel free to visit the store to see the jacket, and as always if there is another project other than Holiday Sewing you would like to do during class, you can always choose your own curriculum.

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