The Savvy Sage of Sewing Stimulation

And what to my wondering eyes should appear…..

No it’s not Santa, but almost as good.

Remember Ms. Menkes great coat from yesterday…well, what should I get in the mail today (it’s always a banner day) my new Burda.  I always find something fun in there.

And this month something REALLY extra.

I think this coat is a real find and a great look for anyone who carries most of their weight above their waist.  And yet wants to wear something attractive and fashionable.  This is more than that – it’s also classic – again in a boiled wool  or Melton would be fabulous.

So here it is all ready for you to download and make up (well, it’s not quite up on the US site, but it’s on the German site – but it’ll be up in the US very soon!)

All you have to do is not put in the sleeves.  Now don’t chicken out here.  this really works without the sleeves, as long as you wear a jacket or thick type sweater, then use a scarf (get some wool challis or rayon and make a long scarf) and voilà you have a fabulous coat that you can slip on and go anywhere.

It won’t be a heavy coat, but it will make a great over the jacket sort of thing that will work asbsolutely fabulously.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget some funky broach (get a large vintage button and glue on a pin gadget from the local hobby shop) and you have the total look!

If it’s good enough for Suzy – it’s good enough for you!

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