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Channeling Karl

I know you think I’m obsessed with Karl Lagerfeld now, but I’m doing another jacket and having a blast with it…..this is going to be my first “Spring” colored jacket and I’m really excited about that.

This is really way more orange than it looks, and I have some marvelous orange/magenta and orange/red iridescent silks that will tone gorgeously with this.  I have enough left for a skirt, although I’m not much of a fan of matching skirts & jackets, but at least I have the fabric if I want that more conservative look.

But Karl has an interesting quote in a Glamour article here, about high fashion – that if you need a car or something you can always put that off, but the latest fashion is a must have, at least according to Karl!

This sounds strange, but this is how many folks in the fashion biz think.  I’m also in the middle of Grace  Coddington’s book working with Vogue and being the “it” model during the wild 70’s and 80’s.  And it’s amazing how much they spent on clothes, but this is what fashion followers do.

Except me.  I could never do that.  But I loved those clothes none the less, and to be honest, I wanted them.  I had seen a lot of what my glam aunts had worn and I got hooked and couldn’t wait to wear the same myself.  But wow!  That price was a real stumbling block….until.

I learned I could make these up myself.  And that was back in the day when I had access to beautiful designer fabrics and could dress (and did) like a million dollars only I wasn’t spending that.

It’s like I’m floating around in both worlds with the ease of a hawk making lazy circles in my home state!!!  I can have the most beautiful wool/silk dress that is sublimely gorgeous only live within a workable budget.

The sad thing is that so many folks can do the same and don’t and so many more could do it, but don’t even realize they could.  This, to me, is one of the more empowering thing about sewing – that you can make clothes that look like they are way better and much more fashionable than what even the most chic boutiques and stores carry.  Better than what you can buy – in the best stores, so that means way better than what you can buy is most retail stores, certainly mall type shops, department stores, and big box stores (you know those big stores like Old Navy, Walmart, Target and that sort of thing).

Now you don’t have to make up all those latest fashions, but isn’t it fun to know that you can – that you have the choice that so many folks don’t have – and don’t know they don’t have.

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