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OK – so the world didn’t end….let’s celebrate.

Well, since the world hasn’t ended, let’s celebrate with a little freebie!!!

The other day on Ann‘s blog she was showing off this really neat turtleneck – KwikSew 2740.  And I took one look and thought – I love it.  I have this thin bird neck and always looking for something to snug around it and knew I could alter the neckline a little and thin up that collar and it would be a fabulous sweater for me.

But she said the pattern was out of print (bummer), but I found it over on (which I will write – after the New Year –  a tutorial on how to download – for some it may be easy, for others it’s like pulling your hair out and as painful!!!)  But I finally got the pattern – so it can be had.

And I’ve been wanting some silk jersey and Ann had some over on her site (sorry I took the last bit  – but she has some others in delicious colors, and I’m sure she’ll get the black in again).  Anyhooo – things were coming together nicely for this – and don’tcha just love it when a plan comes together….

This pattern is just basic – nothing fancy, but wow – what a basic.  Like Ann, I wear this under a shirt or blouse. But it feels so luxurious that it’s hard not to love it by itself.

This is the Burda (actually Burda World of Fashion – yep, that old), Jan, 2008, #107.

And yep, it’s out of print and I couldn’t find anyplace to download it, even on the Italian, Russian or German Burda sites who do have graphics, but no downloadable pattern (so on after Christmas – I’m going to show you how to take Simplicity 2339 and make it into this pattern.  The green top I have above, is this pattern and I made it into a peplum-y type tunic thin

So I was out doing my neighborhood Christmas doings and had on my wonderful comfy black pants and top and green silk blouse (sort of like an over top) and thinking (cause I has some scraps of this silk jersy stuff) that a nice pair of socks would be really swell.

Back to my diving days, my fav fin to wear was a full foot fin (didn’t have to fiddle with the back strap; adjustment; falling off and pulling it back on)….

And with those one would wear socks to prevent blisters, and most often they would look like this:


As you can see, these are fairly well straight forward socks.  Two pieces, rounded at one end and seamed up the side.  And as I’m walking down the street to the party, I’m thinking that a nice pair of silk jersy socks would be just as wonderful as the silk socks gentlemen wear with their evening pumps.

Now it’s not going to be exactly like this and I know that – this is a tube sock variation but it’s still going to be a nice look.  I mean a pair of tube silk jersey socks – how can you go wrong.

Not very because they worked out pretty well –

Here they are with my little Chanel-y shoes and they are just what I wanted.

Actually the fit would feel a little more comfy with lycra, so some Rayon Lycra would be excellent for this – even in a wild print.

But what I like about this most of all is that it is a simple easy cute look with some fun Lycra or Spandex type fabric.

You can see that this is really one long seam – down one side around the toe and up the other side, then around the top for a quick serge, then turn it down and if you want a little elastic in the hem at the top for a little more support.

What I like about this is that it’s a quick and easy look.  Click here for a downloaded simple pattern to use, but I do recommend using Lycra/Spandex and Rayon for the best results.




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