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Oops – a goof on your most favorite garment!

Ok – so the holidays are over – well almost, and you’ve gotten through most of it, except there’s a spill or a spot of some kind on one of your most favorite garments – and now what do you do?

Well, I will be honest.  The most you can get away with not cleaning the whole garment, the better you are.  Often if you can take it to a reputable cleaners and have it spotted it will be fine.  A fine cleaners will do that.


But if this is more than a spot, you must have it cleaned.  Trying a cleaners out for the first time on an important garment, is not a good idea.  Go to the cleaners you use normally and make it clear that if they mess up, you will take your business elsewhere.  A reputable firm will tell you whether they can do it or not.

That said, if you are in Oklahoma, we are lucky, because we do have a fine cleaners in Edmond.  Actually there is no reason this should exist here, except that the folks who own it believe in doing great work, at reasonable prices and more than anything they care about their clients.  This last part is what has propelled them into one of America’s Best Cleaners awards.  I’ve sent heirloom and special event clothing to them for years, and they have performed miracles where I didn’t they were possible.

I’m not related to them so there’s no kickback here, but these are the things to look for in a great cleaners:  they care, they can talk about what they do and what they can’t do, they are honest.  Also it’s as important to talk with folks who have used cleaners successfully.

The bottom line is that working with a cleaners is a risky proposition.  Fortunately locally I have a great firm.  Working with personnel and owners makes all the difference – course it does in almost any business.

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