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Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement.  According to Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway), the placement of your bed, desk in your office, direction your door faces, and other thing in your home can help you have good health, wealth and happiness.


And although this may seem a little far out there, there are a few suggestionsthat Feng Shui proponents make that really make great sense.

There’s this thing about water – and water running down the drain is bad, but water in a fountain is good, so one of the things is to put a stopper in the bathroom in your tub and other drains.  I started this in my shower and I love it, cause (although I have a p-trap in my shower) this keeps the oder fresher and as my shower is mostly white, a white drain cover has a more finished look.  Also they suggest you always keep the lid on the water closet down (except of course when you’re using it), but especially when flushing and I love this, as I’ve always heard for a long time that flushing while the lid is up is like sending tiny droplets of everything that is and has been in the w/c throughout the whole bathroom — eeeeeeuuuuuuwww!!!!

OK – I’m not totally off topic – but close here….back to other areas.  This time of year I’m doing one of my most useful things to do in my studio and that’s de-clutter which is a huge boon to a work room or room of any kind.  And so I don’t become overwhelmed by all this (cause clutter can build up fast in my studio), I tackle certain parts at a time – that way I can make a little progress, but don’t have to reorganize my whole work space.  And of course this precludes the idea of de-cluttering one space by moving it to another, you really do need to go through it, throw out what you aren’t using/don’t want and organize the rest.

But other great ideas for arrangements in a work space, particularly if you have a dedicated space, is to arrange the main seating area so that you look or can see the door easily.  This means no back to the door.  This may sound foolish, but there is some logic to this – it’s so you won’t be startled or unaware of someone entering the room – it gives you full view and power over the room.  For me, this makes a very nice “U” type arrangement so that if Walt wants to come in and visit (or just spy to see what sort of creative endeavor I’m up to), he can. My studio is not really designed for visitors, so this seems minor, but actually it’s not a bad working room for me – it’s MY studio after all.

Granted this was something I was working on well before I remodeled my home, so by the time I did the remodel, I knew exactly what I wanted – it worked gorgeously here.  The desktop/layout/cutout area also serves as a wonderful support for my huge gowns that I make, but I do have to keep it neat and clean.


If you’re re-arranging or just de-cluttering your studio to start a new year, hope this helps.

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