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Galliano, Trying this again…..

If at first….and you know the rest.  Apparently WordPress won’t embed links that aren’t from regular sites and this is from HuffPost and so yada, yada, yada…..

It’s short and gets to the meat of the problem.  This is a guy who had a serious addiction problem, and being from a family of Irish people, we have more than our fair share of addictions – some are under control today (one day at a time) and some are not.  And those that are not are doing some pretty irrational, horrible and just down right despicable things and if these folks were awake and sober and knew what they were doing, they would jump and bite themselves they would be so shocked.  I think this is a lot of what happened with Galliano.

From a personal standpoint..for me he is the first designer to bring “pretty” back, and so I have a fondness for him and can’t wait for him to get his fingers in the paint again and start doing some designing.  It’s very chic to get a second chance, and all that stuff, and rake oneself across the coals, but the word out is that Galliano is horrified himself at what he said and did, and this is the first step toward healing.  He’s also out of that designer-meatgrinder of couture.  As much as I like it and the beautiful things that come out, the truth is that a couture designer is responsible for 200 to 250 designs per year.  That’s a lot of product for one person and it’s also a huge load for one person to carry.

There’s also a reason that Anna Wintour, Oscar de la Renta and a whole slew of other folks in the biz supporting Galliano and that’s because he’s making an effort and because he is such a hugely gifted person.  He can be a terrific force for femininity and I would hate to loose that over an addiction.

I just wish he would have stayed in New York – we could have seen (and gleaned) more from him!

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