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From our generation to the next…..

One of the greatest things we humans have going for us is our ability to pass on history to the next generation.  History of many different forms;  responsibility, honor, sense of accomplishment, and sometimes greatness, but in a form not most recognized.  For example, sometimes that greatest is nothing more than carrying the baton from generation to generation until the moment to act upon an event or situation arises, when that greatness can shine and come to the fore.  This most notoriously and commonly happens in our armed forces where what looks like every-day folks are presented with extraordinary situations and react with over and beyond measures….the baton of these heroes has been held by the generations before till they could shine.

But it happens in other aspects of life as well.  My grandmother instilled in me a sense to accomplish great things with my life, as she did with hers.

Sometimes things like this are a curse, as I’m sure it was for her kids who always strove to achieve as much as she did.  But sometimes it’s just as brave, courageous and great to hold that baton for the next generation or the one after that.  I look at her descendants and there are those that constantly work toward being great every day in very minor ways, raising their children, doing the best they can at work, under very difficult and obstacle-ridden circumstances and then there’s the major stuff like dealing with tragedies, but to me it’s the day-to-day greatness that is so hard because it is often without notice, recognition and most certainly praise.

So where am I going with this?  Just here in this cute little blog today was a wonderful article, about something so simple and yet so grand.   A wish for a mom to pass on to her children life skills that can truly benefit her in ways that are almost unfathomable these days, but because we are without them today, realize how important they are.

I’ll never forget going to a wonderful boarding school and getting a fabulous education, but it was without typing, because (as was so pervasive and adamant the thinking of the day), young women were to enter the work force, not as secretaries, but as up-and-coming management personnel.  To achieve this in my day was truly the penultimate goal.  For me, My grandmother had already done that – sort of like for me – OK then what’s next?  But as typing was not offered, I let it pass – – till I entered the work force.  I was an executive assistant, however my salary rose with typing skills.  This was NOT brain surgery for me – take a $25 typing course and make more money over the period of years ahead, or be stuck at this one-level position with no where else to go.  I took the course and immediately tested in at work, and received a raise almost immediately.  The course paid for itself in  one paycheck!

But that’s not the end of this story – because I can type, thoughts poor out of me on a computer keyboard and I can keep up with them as fast as they flow out of my head.  Typing is one of those life skills I gave myself, even though I had been instructed not to learn it (as it might relegate me to a menial job level), whereas to my mind it empowered me to have a skill that few of my age have.  While they are set pecking and hunting on a keyboard, I’ve finished the paragraph.

I think of sewing in much the same way, one of those skills that we were taught not to learn for fear it would relegate us to a level that was beneath our worth.  Well, I’m here to tell you that because I sew, I’m not only so empowered to design and make my own clothes and those formal ball gowns for my clients, but also I know what good clothing is and what it isn’t.  That is probably the best undiscovered skill I learn when I’m sewing.

Most of American, because we do not sew, does not know how to pick out good clothing or even for that matter, how to assemble a workable wardrobe.  When you buy fashion in a frenetic 2-week cycle, there’s no thinking about what will last, or how this or that garment will be worn for the next 10 years.  As a matter of fact, wearing a garment for over 6 weeks is investment dressing for a lot of young buyers today.

The whole idea of having a garment that works in your wardrobe for 10 years or even one whole year is thought of as being boring and passé to the point that doing something like this is tantamount to carrying around a landline pretending that it’s a mobile phone – or even having a landline any more!!!!

I’m here to tell you that investment dressing and stocking your wardrobe with this sort of clothing is NOT passé nor is it boring or out-dated.  What a lot of folks don’t know or even think about is that having and wearing garments like this, means that each garment is special, and each garment makes you feel special when you wear it.

That’s the big secret that is hidden in the investment wardrobe.  It’s also the big secret that junk clothing takes away from the American buyer, but because we don’t sew or know anything about how to repair a hem or button, we don’t know about this loss nor do we even miss it, much less to even think that we could have something like an investment wardrobe.

There’s also another stigma about an investment wardrobe, in that it means that because you can’t afford to buy something every two to six weeks, therefore having an investment wardrobe means that you’re on a strict budget.  Well, you can be and yes, an investment wardrobe is 10 times (probably  more) economical, but I’m here to tell you, that it is anything but a poor-person’s wardrobe.  It’s exactly the opposite.  It’s full of clothes that you not only love wearing, but that make you feel special every day.  No more fussing over some ill-fitting top or some too-think skirt to make it work for work in a respectable fashion.  No more having to go out and buy something new because the last something new (all of 5 weeks old) is out of shape, ripped, worn out or been laundered too many times and therefore gone.  You get to wear that favvorite outfit over and over, only the favorite outfit is more than one outfit in your closet.  The idea of this is so foriegn today that when I’m even writing these words, it’s sounds like some Alibaba and the Magic Lamp scenario, or at the least some scenario from some rich person’s life, not the regular guy or gal on the street.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

I applaud this mom for encouraging her young daughter to learn enough about a machine that she isn’t afraid of it, and to know enough about construction and make-up of garments that she will become an intelligent buyer of the future!


  1. Thanks for the thoughtful article. My DH and my kids can all type and sew, although DH uses the “Bible method” of typing – seek and ye shall find.

    • Ha!!! That’s cute – I have to remember the “Bible method”!!!!

  2. I personally blog also and I’m creating a little something alike to this blog, “From our generation to the next

  3. I got out of college and hit that typing wall as well. In HS, private girls, I was told I tracked in the college prep program which had NO typing. Eventually I needed the skill very much and a good friend showed me where to put my fingers and I just practiced and practiced on that IBM with the ball. Today I can type very fast and it is a wonderful skill. I see so many smart people poking on a computer with one finger and it amazes me. Who are these powers that tell us what we do or don’t need for a real world existence?

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