The Savvy Sage of Sewing Stimulation

TED Videos

I like these TED videos, but I want to make something perfectly clear here:  I’m not a punker!

However that doesn’t mean that a punk rocker doesn’t have something to say to the rest of us, particularly if we’re artist!

But she does make an interesting proposition:  The Art of Asking.

We are all told to ask for what we want, and if we don’t ask we usually don’t get it, but the art of asking?  What’s that all about?  Her point is more to the relationship that you have with the receiver of the art, as much as asking…it’s more about the dialogue.


I deal with that daily here, even though it may not look like it.  I truly get up EVERY morning thinking:  what would I want to know about sewing that 1.) isn’t out there, 2.) would be useful, 3.) would inspire, 4.) would excite, 5.) hasn’t been talked about before and 6.) is a constant barrier to sewing, creating or inspiration.

One of the greatest joys I have in life is being able to envision a look or an outfit and then make it up.  The vision is the beginning (well sometimes, cause when I’m in the fabric store, I’m like – ooooo this would be great like this…..or yeeeeees, this would be fabulous like that…..or wow, this was woven to do this – so this case the fabric comes before the vision), but usually the vision comes first.

Either way it’s the part about taking a vision and making it reality and that process as communicated to, shared with and otherwise instilled in others.  It’s the art of not only asking but the art of communicating to the sewist and artist in all of us and reaching that artist part to encourage and inspire that aspect of a every person’s soul.

That’s the question I wake up every morning thinking:  How to appeal to the artist in all of us?

It’s not that this is a great calling – well it sorta is, but more it’s about rescue.  Cause before I really started sewing (which as you know if you know anything about my background) was spent, finding other ways to satisfy my artistic bent and having suffered through unsatisfied trips down this or that vocation, never to find anything as rewarding and fun as sewing.

After finally finding this joy and learning the skills needed to accomplish sewing well, I was off and running. It was a wonderful release like a shook-up bottle of soda on a hot summer afternoon -my creativity shot out like a firecracker.

That sort of creativity is what I love teaching – that excitement, empowerment and most of all ability to express an individual’s personal style.  I love teaching it as much as I love inspiring it in all my students and my clients.  I practically beg my clients to think outside the box, and I’m pushing my students to do the same thing.

We all have a style that’s good for us.

We all have artistic talent, and it may not be evident at first.  It may not be evident at all, but we all have it.  We are all gifted with creativity and to deny it is sickness and slow death to our spirit and soul.  To enable, empower and enjoy it is beyond any happiness that even the most loquacious poet could describe!


If the Bard will permit:

To sew or not to sew
that is the question
whether tis nobler
in the eyes of mine
to suffer the pins
and needles of
outrageous fitting
or to dream
and then to succeed!
Aaaaah there’s the rub!!!!

We all gotta go thru a little outrageous fitting to get to the dream and then to succeed!!!

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