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GBSB, Episode 4

WordPress is still a little hinky these days so the blog is a little light – but as soon as things are fixed, I’ll be up and running again soon. 

But couldn’t let this pass for those of you that have been following the GBSB (aka Great British Sewing Bee)

Here’s the fourth edition and really it’s not surprised.  I think the most surprised was the winner….but I won’t give it away if you haven’t seen it.

But there were some things to take away from this whole series….

1. No cat fighting (a popular show without fighting?….what is the world coming to)

2. Very indicative of sewists and seamstresses and makers (my new fun word) – mostly a very pleasant group of folks – even supporting your competitors.

3. Where else could you get all the loosers together to congratulate the winner – what a lovely way to end.

But here‘s the fun part!!!  According to this article, there’s going to be another one – longer, bigger and let’s hope better – could it be!!!!

What fun!

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  1. I loved this so mutch ! All the sewers in this contest were so competent. And so lovely people too.
    The choice of the patterns Ann did was so stylish.

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