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A timeless tradition

As I’ve often said, I have the best clients, and this just is another example.

Mary Ann is a sweet former-deb and her sister was also one of my debs, who came to me a while back to do a quick weekend fit on a dress she was using for a presentation in Washington D. C. where she works.  They are lovely people, and to be honest I wasn’t really sure what this was for, but I’m love working with a lot of my past clients and they are so accommodating.

Soooooo – what should I do but hear from her that – guess what?  She’s the new Cherry Blossom Queen for 2013.  Here is more on the whole tradition, but more about the dress.

This was a straight forward dress, and I suggested because of time, that they find a good bones dress and I would make it work. This is a gamble, but I had a chat with Mom and she said that Mary Ann was pretty much the same size she was as a deb, so we didn’t have too many problems.  Naturally when I got the dress it was huge in the bust, well at least huge enough that it needed work, but not so much that it had to be completely revamped.  This meant a little taken in at the zip (I have to figure on time on this, so the fewer seams I touch the quicker the dress is done), and the most important thing is a waist band, which is NEVER (and yes, I’m screaming cause it’s so shocking that it’s never included) included in RTW is a waistband.

This is a fabulous little ditty that you attach to the boning and the waist band takes all the weight of the skirt (which is a minimum of 75% of the weight of the dress) off the bodice. IOW, the bodice boning doesn’t have to be so strong and the bodice fitting doesn’t have to be so tight to support the entire skirt (which in RTW, usually contains petticoats and all sorts of other paraphernalia that just adds additional weight).  It’s no wonder that girls in strapless dresses are running amok pulling up their dress every 5 seconds – although for me once is enough to throw me into a conniption fit!

For anyone out there planning on prom and NOT putting in a waist band – RTW or not – just don’t let me hear about it cause I’ll find out and come get cha’!!!!!  This is sooooo easy and works soooo well, there is virtually no excuse.  Albeit there is hand work involved this doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world – just tack this to the boning at waist – pinning is a little tricky as you have to stick you hand it to feel the pin – which means you’re pinning the dress and whole waist – you’re PINNING….then release the pin to pin only the boning and the waistbanding.

I use 1″ thick Petersham ribbon, although there is an excellent waistbanding material out there by the roll, I prefer using Petersham….it’s all about doing it right the first time, but also about doing it right with the right materials.

Who knows – with your Petersham waistband – you too could be queen!!!!

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