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Another one of my students is having a lot of fun re-creating her knits shirts.  She has a lot of cotton knit that has just – well – worn out, but the fabric is still good.  As a matter of fact it’s even better cause it’s been so beautifully cared for and washed and has a great soft worn look to the fabric.

So she picked out Vogue 8497

This pattern lends itself to a lot of creativity as do all of Marcy Tilton’s patterns, so the first thing we did was start thinking of some varied ways of assembly that would really be fun.

So the first thing to do was to disassemble all the cotton shirts and tops that she had and cut the pattern.  She had two tops and she decided to do one side blue and the other green.  We did install an FBA on this and were thrilled how it came out (later picture).

What she decided to do was to assemble the pieces together with the raw edges showing.  This knit is a single knit but after fraying some of the edges, we liked the effect…they didn’t really fray that easily, but liked how it looked.  She used the Bernina stretch stitch #3, and about 2.5 length and about 3 width to sew this together.  She sewed this 5/8″ off the edge of the fabric with the guide bar that attaches to the back of the Bernina feet.

After she attached them, we thought about the pieces she had left from her disassembling the old shirts – these were the serged edges that had the thread still intact.  The thread had not faded as much as the cotton – being polyester, so there was a different coloring through out the serged edges.

Using both the green and the blue, she twisted them together to come up with a very creative trim on the top of the raw edge seams.

Here’s a close up of her work:

She has decided to attach this by hand which is one of the wonderful luxuries we as sewist can do, where as to pay for this would be prohibitively high.

Here she is in her first fitting.

This is a great look for her.  She is a professional masseuse and needs something that she can move in at the same time her hands are in lotion which she doesn’t want to have to worry about cuffs absorbing the lotion. This presents a professional yet very creative look for her wardrobe.  She’s so excited about the look and I can’t wait for her to finish it to see the finished creation.

  1. What a great idea and a wonderful result! And I love the colors of those shirts! I think I’m copying this! 🙂

  2. Very clever. I did something similar with a Chanel jacket trim. I was unable to find a trim that I liked and wound up purchasing some inexpensive rayon challis scarves. I cut them on the bias and braided them. Originally I had planned to twist them but couldn’t think of a way to get them to stay twisted How did she accomplish the twist? Enjoying your posts

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