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Don’t know what happened with WordPress over the weekend, but I’m lost without my WYSIWYG screen!!!  But not everything is working – hopefully this will all be worked out. ($%^!@$@^%!!!!!)

Thanks to Miss Celie for posting this.  It’s something that I wanted to see as it sounds very interesting.

I like the fact that Project Runway and these shows are trying to bring more artistry to assembling and constructing garments, but they seem to come up with the most preposterous set of circumstances.

The first competition with the A-line skirt was Ok (a little fast), and then to alter the neckline of the blouse in an hour, which is a little tight.

As a professional, I find these deadlines a little outlandish and I work in the world of deadlines – if I don’t get the garment finished for the wedding day, not only do I not get paid, but it’s real hard for me to continue to get work.  And basically my company would go in to toilet.

So it’s not like I don’t know how to work on deadlines.  But I do know how to say no.  When a clients says their wedding is in 6 weeks and can I do a dress for them?  Well, actually yes, if I got the fabric immediately with no problems, it was in good shape (no problems with the fabric), gave up sleeping, eating and resting my weary eyes for even a moment – yes, I could do that.  So when these shows come up with deadlines like in a week you have to make a ball gown or overnight you have to do this dress, I’m a little weak on that.  The real world doesn’t work that way (in the atelier’s when they need something overnight before a show, which often happens, you have many people working on that garment to get it finished in time – but no many people are there to help out these contestants.

And puhlease I do not wear laundry bags – this reminds me of why I had a conflict with my very first sewing class.  This is not a hint toward dressmaking!

But I know these shows have to generate drama – drama, cat-fights, sex and violence sells, and that’s the bottom line.  What is most interesting is that there is enough interest for this program to get funding and air time.

Hopefully it will continue and we’ll see more of this.  Unfortunately the videos on BBC are not viewable in the US (;-PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP), and someone on this show loves Doris Day!!!

So what do you think of this effort?



  1. I didn’t even know I liked Doris Day till I watched this last night. (: I also thought the deadlines were a little tight. However, I wish sewing was as popular as it was in 1960 and if this helps, I say, “Great!” Wouldn’t it be great to have a good selection of fabric stores, to be able to find all the notions you want or need in a bricks and mortar store? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get dressed or dress your grandchildren and not have to think that the garments you are putting on were made by children younger than your grandchildren?

    I thought the laundry bag tutorial was a hoot, too. It was almost an insult. I cut them some slack only because I hope people who do not sew but are watching the show, might think, “I can do that!” The more people out there looking for the “ingredients” for a garment or project, the more “ingredients” there will be available.

    • Yeah, my problem with the laundry bag is: Yes, you can do that, but do you want to?!!!! I mean I’m into fashion!!! I want to sew fashionable items that not only are useful and appropriate, but make me look fabulous! I can do that with sewing!

  2. I was not intending to watch this whole episode but I couldn’t stop watching. I really like the concept of this show. Unlike Project Runway it’s something I could actually see myself doing, more focused on construction and execution than on design and pattern making. The time limits are crazy, but like you said, they want to create drama. And I liked the little history lesson on commercial patterns.

  3. I really enjoyed watching this show and look forward to more episodes. As for the laundry bag, I think the so-called “tutorial” is geared more toward non-sewers who want to start sewing. However, the instructions were really lacking, so someone without experience will still be scratching her head trying to figure out what to do.

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