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Looking Presentable

I know that sounds like a “duh” moment, but it’s easy to get into the habit of letting your appearance sort of slide a little.

My studio is at home and that means it’s convenient, but it’s also sort of a burden in that I’m known for coming in here in the middle of the night and working.  What’s the old saying about being your own boss?…..I get to choose which 18 hours a day I work!!!!  It’s funny, but true.  The other side is that it’s like being in a candy store in here, so although I work hard and long hours it’s fun!

But that does mean sometimes I’m in here in my pj’s and that can be a dress code that is a little easy to slip into.

Enter another cute little video from the proponent of Madame Chic!  And although this is geared toward new moms, it really pertains to all of us.

As I’m working my way through the tenants of Mme. Chic, who is not of new mom age, and yet she too adheres to the motto that we should all look presentable.

Back in the olden days this was all about grooming and it was the person who was well-groomed who really got the attention, and basically got ahead.  This person didn’t necessarily have to be the best looking or the most handsome;  he/she just had to be clean, well-kept and presentable or well-groomed.

This meant combed hair (or fixed), a modicum of make-up (for the girls), shirt tucked in (for the guys – remember this was a while back), socks pulled up, shoes tied and shined, slips not showing (for the gals), and all that sort of thing.

Today it can be an entirely different list such as a giving up of the grunge look, neatly put together (and something that unfortunately is rarely seen, but does add to one’s presentable looks is hems of pants that actually hit at the floor but do not drag the floor), clean appearance, and basically a purposeful effort made to put oneself together in a thoughtful way.  Even just the minor bit of effort can make a huge difference.

For we sewists, this goes in spades.  But there are things that we can do that put us ahead of the game here….for one is that we all know how to hem (or we should) and make use of it.  If you purchase a garment (pants or skirts/dresses) that require a little hemming, take the time to do it and do it well.  Just the very fact that your pants hitting the floor and not dragging the floor can make a huge difference in your appearance.

For me I’ve made the wonderful discovery of washed silk dupioni (this is with synthropol) and the silk comes out very much softer and more casual.  Additionally, it is washable.   But the fabric has a gentle class to it that makes it just a little dressier than just cotton or linen.  Not only do I look presentable, but a gracious style that is not formal but again is not casual.  And because I make it to fit and feel good on me, it is always comfy and working in my silk tops and pants makes me feel just that much more special all day long.

Now the simplest of tasks of entering the drive-in of the bank, or running in to the market for a quick trip, or even just an impromptu drop in client and suddenly I look together, well-kept, presentable and there is an immediate respect and deference to that person who is always well-groomed.

For a clear example of this – look at persons in constant contact with the media – politicians (say what you will, most of them look presentable at all times), news folks, and the ladies who anchor who wear a little jewelry, a bright colored dress or top look just a little more together and responsible than those who are wearing a simple shirt or top (I’m talking about the anchor, not on site of a war or something like that).  Additionally look at folks who want something from you – in stores – mostly they are uniformed.  In my market, they all wear green shirts with the store logo on them.  They are clean and look nice and presentable.  In Home Depot where working in your grubbies is a pastime, they all wear orange aprons with their name written on the apron.

The point is that even in casual environs, it is important for the company to project a good first imrpession, so too for folks in the media, and

Ms. Scott has some other excellent suggestions here, and then these are a few of my own….so here’s to always looking presentable (and enjoy the kudos that will start coming your way!!!!)

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