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How to dress up without dressing up!

On a more practical note – here’s a great way to stay sharp looking and some of that anti-grubby look.  Sometimes we need a jump start (and I admit I do too) for ideas, and one of my favorite places is surfing the net.

Here’s a site that’s one of my favorite:

And they have a lot of very good looking, and very modern clothing, that is just exactly the look that  is what I’m talking about – dressing up without dressing up.

On both of these there’s gobs of style.  You don’t have to make this all the way to the neck, and that extra detail of the notch in the collar makes for a really neat look.

Something like this from Burda and Simplicity












This is just one option to a collar or neckline.  What I love about what these styles do is bring all the attention to the neck and face area.  This is the place where you want to show off the most.  We artists all have bright pretty smiles and light behind our eyes, so let’s show that off first!!!

Here are some other wonderful ideas from them:

Yeah – I know these all have high necks….these are my favorites, but there are others that don’t have high necks.


And here’s some pattern ideas – just for ideas for making tops that can be a lot more attractive and make you stand out – – in a good way!!!

Another high neck, but this can be a very effect look.  You don’t have to do the zipper – try doing 3 or 4 buttons (depending upon the size) and some loops or some other funky opening on these, with the patch there.  In this washed dupioni silk this could be fabulous looking.

A great look – but this needs some fitting – an FBA is just what the doctor ordered on this top.

This looks really plain and dorky, but it has gobs of style, plus it’s so ripe to have some fitting in it, that would make this an outstanding TNT.

All these patterns are great ways to start upgrading from sloppy/grubby, ill-fitting to a sleek casual look that not only commands  more attentions but makes you feel great when you wear them.







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