The Savvy Sage of Sewing Stimulation

It’s so much fun to see what others are wearing….

….particularly when they are notable….












What I love about these two dresses, is the idea of color blocking AND fabric blocking….wouldn’t the dress on the right be too cool with a nude lining behind a fun lace or decorative eyelet and the black solid sides – even black back – with just the white in front.  This makes use of the great lace trend and yet keeps it from projecting all over the place (like white always does!)

And here we are with a great notable….showing off her gorgeous figure, but the thing I notice here is how high her waistband, or belt  is.  This is a great technique to use to soften the line from the waist to the hip to keep them looking more balanced and smaller.   Even on a classic dress with darts, a grosgrain ribbon or even satin one can accent just enough to make a dress a knockout.  Ribbon with some hooks on it, makes it fit like a dream, and is a piece of cake to set off a classically darted dress (in lace no less!!!)

Why does the handsomest and most believable of all Darcy’s have to be married to a gorgeous knock out?….oh well, at least she knows how to dress….even if you don’t need a full length ball gown to do your own red carpet walk, this look is stunning short….with short pants on the inside and an over-skirt to show the pants – makes it killer – I love the gray here, but what happens if you do this in a great summer coral or chartreuse, or aqua with a casual lace or eyelet skirt over it with a classic shell!!!  Oooooooo! 😉

OMG – can this gal dress or what.  Here’s a great solution to the drop to below the bustline and still be modest enough for a public event.  This is a great bodice design – notice where the chiffon shirring starts and where the lace is located.  This makes for the angle of the chiffon in front to work and to make sure it’s extra demure, there’s the lace insert.  This whole look works, and is worth some study in case you need anything like this – even as a top, it’s a killer look.

I love the fact that the DoC (Duchess of Cambridge) knows who she is and can really dress accordingly.  I remember when Princess Diana was first Princess and she did all the princess styles that we have grown up with and love so much, but they really didn’t do much for her…..later she really came into her own.

From left to right!

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  1. I wonder how much is Kate’s taste & how much is someone else’s (stylist or whatever)? Either way, Kate looks gorgeous.

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