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It’s fun to watch these, particularly when they are just out there plain to see – on the street.  But my students are either ahead of the street or right on top of this trend.

Here’s Andrea


This is Andrea (one of my beginners), and the first thing we did was a pants pattern.  Then she had this heirloom fabric that she had from a sale.  It was exactly what we’re seeing on the streets of New York – a cross between lace & eyelet.  The lace design had a large hole in the design, and we had to be very careful about how we matched and worked that.  So she had a little matching going on here.  And the fabric is fairly see-thru – which is hot, but not for practicality.  So she purchased some nude Bemberg (my favorite lining), and she lined to just above the knee.  This means that the “business” part has a lining, but the legs do not, so you’re left, at first glance, seeing the leg through the fabric, but not on top and where does it start and stop, and just a lot of rubber-necking and double-taking to get the gist of these pants.

I love doing stuff like this, and obviously Andrea does as well!

Kudos for her on a job well done!

Here’s the trend in NYC!

Bill Cunningham a fixture around New York, gets a take on a new trend.

lace1Lace – but in an interesting new way!


It’s tops and lace, but a more casual type of lace – sort of like a cross between lace & eyelet.

Here’s the cute video – it’s short and fun:


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