The Savvy Sage of Sewing Stimulation

When was the last time you wore something you really love?

For a lot of folks, it’s been a while – a long while.

Most of the reason is cause there is not that much offered out there.  Oh yeah, there’s tons and I mean tons and tons of clothes out there.  But something you really LOVE?


I just love this top.  Trying to communicate this in words, is becoming very difficult.

First I adore the color – it’s as cheerful as Pantone’s tangerine for color of the year (only it’s not the Emerald color of the year!), only it’s my green, which is one of my favorite all time great colors – it looks good on me and I love the whole thing about green.

Next I adore the fabric – it’s silk and for me that puts it at the head of the line in fabrics.  Not that I don’t like cotton  and linen, it’s just I like silk more – like a lot more.  But alas, my formal society days are behind me (been there done that) and my life is much more casual comfortable now  – thank heavens.  I earned it!!!!  So converting silk to a more casual type fabric and it’s still silk is a way to be formal in a bohemian sort of way and that sort of describes me perfectly.

And I love these collars.  When I leave it open the edges of the collar curl down and the back stays up and this whole collar scenario frames my face and just brings all the attention up and around my face.  I love the buttons which I purchased for another outfit, which has since bit the dust, and I plucked them off (remember pull all those buttons off clothes you’re giving away because those older buttons are treasures), so this is their second time around.

Then I love how easy it is to slip this on.  In cooler weather I can wear my silk jersey tee under it, and in warmer weather I can wear my knit white camisole under or just c-o-m-m-a-n-d-o – nothing!!!!!!!  OK it’s not really true commando, I have on underwear!  But it’s still easy to slip on and get in and out of.

And the fit – it’s absolutely dreamy-type perfect – why?…cause it hugs right under my bust and makes me look like I’m totally svelte (I had a comment from one of my students about the line of my clothes one day when she finally figured out I’m not all that thin, and she finally understood why I am all about fitting.)  The fit here is not only comfortable, because I work and teach in this top, but it’s also flattering.  This is the definition of a great fit – when you look good and yet can move (within reason, we aren’t doing jumping jacks in this outfit!).

Finally I love the length of this garment and the line of the hemline – and love how the shape and line of the garment works.  I wear it with leggings or tights and it’s in balance and works!

What don’t I like about it…..ummmmmmm…….errrrrrrr……maybe that I wish I had another two or three in different colors is about all I can think of.



This is what I’m talking about.  You love it – that means if you find something wrong with it, it’s so minor you forget it cause you have so much fun wearing the garment.  Or another indication is when you don’t think about it – you know you look smashing in the outfit and there’s no reason to think about it  – you KNOW it!

No wonder the consumer is so discouraged.  At least we sewists have a way out, but most folks don’t.

And for we sewist, we need to be working on projects and garments that we absolutely love.  Granted not every one is going to be that way.  As a matter of fact, there are items that I have often made up and then after a while they have become favorites.  So it doesn’t happen immediately.

There is NOTHING like sewing something like this for yourself to really gin up your creative juices and to get your sewing mojo in good order.  Sometimes when I’m sick and loose my appetite and need to eat, I will jump-start my appetite with something like lemon bars or something sweet and crunchy. My cousin who when going through law school was often seen reading something like Jacqueline Susann (usually a fairly light-weight novel), but she did this so that she wouldn’t loose her love of reading because all her legal stuff was sooooo important and she had to remember it totally after she read it.

I do the same thing when I sew and hit a block.  Sometimes if I’m in the middle of a client contract and need to just get through it, I will start plotting a fav outfit that will be for me and ready to go when I finish the contract.  Or sometimes just to get my mojo going!  And in the end I have something treasured!




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