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Couldn’t resist

Here’s a very interesting post from the other side of the gender spectrum…..a guy.

Apparently guys are fighting the same thing we gals are – trying to attain a perfect body.

This is from a professional body builder, who knows all about staying healthy and keeping fat off his body – after all it’s his business.  And aside from ogling over a good-looking body – there is another message here.

These photos were taken 1 hour apart, and he didn’t do any manipulation a la PhotoShop to them…..this is all done with light and some other smoke & mirror techniques.  For example, he shaved his head and chest and put the lights in a different place and voila – he’s got abs of steel.

The point here is that this is a guy who’s business is fitness and these are both un-retouched photos, knows the unrealistic expectations of folks who have seen way too many ads on TV/internet or in other media.  That means that he can stick his stomach out and look like any other Joe Six-pack (and I can slouch to look like Sally Cupcake), and then can turn around an hour later and look like he’s been working out for 6 months!

I love this kind of touch with reality, cause this is the real world.  I know runway designers use emaciated models because it’s easier to fit skin and bones instead of skin, muscles, fat and bones.  Skin and bones are only two variables, and skin isn’t really a variable.  While using models with realistic proportions of skin, muscles, fat and bones present 2 more variables that can make for endless size variations and innumerable results for a product to have a good fit.  That sort of numbers is just unfathomable in RTW, and quite honestly, there’s no hope for any profit with that fitting/size model.

So runway designers use apocalyptic-type models for the reason that they are easier to fit.

Granted there’s a little more effort to fit and to work with the shape you are naturally.  But there are ways to do that.  Employing those makes you look professional, well-groomed and as if thought and care has gone into your dressing.  This will always reflect well on you, along with the light in your eyes (which you will retain because you are eating and living healthily, not in an artificially emaciated way), and the smile on your face.

Remember that when you are looking at the next outfit from fashion magazines or sites, and please……


Enjoy the size you are and sew to fit who you are!!!


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