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Electronic Magazines

Every once in a while I bring this up, but I really love my electronic magazines.

Zinio is one of my favorite sites and they have a wide selection of fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, W, Paris Vogue, Vogue Italia,  and then I take some other quirky things like Nat Geo, Smithsonian  and neat stuff like that.

Not only do I love that I can go back and look at these over and over, but also I don’t have to lug them around or take them to the trash, and I can cut out the same page over and over and over and not have to worry about the magazine being defaced!!!!  And it’s LIGHT WEIGHT!!!!!

Really it’s a neat deal, not even counting the green thing.

But I love it when I run across another platform or company doing the same thing…..

But the fun thing here is that this platform has the Vogue Patterns “lookbook” and it’s a lot of fun to go through…..


Is it just me or does this look like a change and if it is a change can I say this looks awesome!!!!  Remember in the olden days when they would include a pattern in the fashion magazine.  I couldn’t wait to see which one they would feature.  This even harkens back to those days!!!  Anyway, click the link above, you may have to register first, but it’s free and it’s always fun to ogle pictures of new patterns coming up!

I’ve even found a bunch of cool patterns:

This one is just simply stunning and you’ll see why when you look at the lines of the jacket.

There were no good shots of this one, but look at the lines on this thing….might need a side dart, but love the lines.

This has been my metier lately as I’m into lace leggings without any lining and I do not go commando, so a longer tunic look is what I need  (for the sake of the eyesight and mental well-being of the public to avoid unnecessary visual pollution).  I like these looks….makes me look sexy and edgy and yet age appropriate!!!

BTW all the photos are link so click on one to take you to the pattern.

Hmmmm – maybe I need to add to my stash a little!!!!



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