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Good Fashion

….is like eye candy to me.  One of my all time favs is Rear Window where Edith Head was in her prime.


This is pure Edith Head – just gorgeous clothes…that collar is fabulous with that cross blouse under that is so sophisticated, even today this is a chic suit.


This one is a little more upsetting in that the front print doesn’t match.  I know this is not the normal for Edith Head, so not sure what happened with this.  But this is a fabulous idea for toile which is a gorgeous idea for summer wear (even a nice pair of pants in toile is a lot of fun.


And this little gem.  Granted the skirt is a little fuller than what we’d do today, but it’s still gorgeous with the fabulous beading at the top of the skirt.  One caveat is that if you wear a shawl or wrap with this, it has to not conflict with the waist.  If you notice that when Kelly has the wrap on you can clearly see her waist and you don’t loose it in all the white.  The other thing that helps this is the black top.  Lastly, how glamorous can a “tee” be, aside from what we saw Sharon Stone during the Oscars, it renews the total  versatility of the tee, which means you need to have one in your closet in black and white – this is one of those closet staples I talk about in the investment wardrobe. This tee can go formal and casual which makes it indispensable in your investment wardrobe.

Finally how about a modern take on Rear Window  – maybe not as good, but some good stuff nevertheless:


The lace dress is nice, the full skirt and shirt is classic and I probably would have put the toile skirt with the white blouse, the evening gowns are to die for (color blocking at it’s best and lace, lace, lace!)

Pardon my little slide shows, this was just soooooo many pictures it was the best and fastest way to get it up!

OK – hope that sparked some ideas for wardrobe and sewing ideas!


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